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Miss Louise Powell
Head of Ballet

Welcome to our Ballet Faculty
We are passionate about ballet at Dance Reality. It is the foundation of many styles of dance and is highly beneficial for strength, co-ordination and accuracy that is required in all styles of dance. We are fortunate to be part of a school with a wide range of dance styles available, and over the past few years the Ballet Faculty at Dance Reality has undergone significant growth and is now positively thriving.

Thinking of starting ballet?

Most students start ballet between 2 ½ - 6 years old. However, this is by no means essential. In fact many successful ballet dancers started several years later than that. With natural talent, and the right attitude and teaching, even starting in your teens can still lead to a successful career. 

At Dance Reality, we have significant experience of training students who have chosen to start ballet at a later age, even into their early-mid teens.

If you are considering starting ballet at a later age, please call us to discuss. We would be happy to assess your potential and advise you on how to begin.

Moving from another dance school

If you have been studying ballet at another school, you may have been studying a different syllabus e.g. BBO, RAD, NADT, BDTA, ITDA. Most of these syllabi follow a similar progression and there is usually no problem moving from one to another. You will normally transfer directly across to the same grade that you have been working in. However, this will need to be confirmed by an assessment in class. 


We follow the ISTD Imperial Classical Ballet Graded Syllabus. Having evolved from the original syllabus, written in 1913, this syllabus promotes the English classical style of ballet. In addition to be being fun, incorporating ballet mime and musical theory, the challenging syllabus prepares dancers for the modern demands of a career in dance.

Students are encouraged to work towards examinations, though additional commitment is needed in the months approaching the examination. However, examinations are not suited to all students and in some cases, teachers may advise an alternative route to progression. This is determined on an individual basis by the student’s teacher, who reserves sole responsibility for this decision.

Congratulations to all those who took part in the ISTD Classical Ballet exams. We had another great set of results, with lots of personal bests!

Ballet Coaching Classes
In addition to normal graded classes, students who demonstrate a positive attitude and significant promise may also be invited to join the Dance Reality Ballet Company. The company is divided into three age groups:
Cygnets (9 and under)
Swans (12 and under)
Gazelles (13+)

In these classes, students have the opportunity to learn routines beyond the normal syllabus work including excerpts from popular classical and contemporary ballets. The aim is to challenge students in order to further strengthen their classical technique and performance skills. We also work on limbering and toning exercises to prepare students for future challenges. 

Regular attendance at this class will also bring with it additional performance opportunities such as ballet shows and festivals. Invitation to these classes is based on attendance, uniform, punctuality and attitude in grade classes.

Presentation in ballet is incredibly important and is considered part of the craft that we are learning. Students must wear the correct uniform to class at all times, including wearing hair off the face in a neat bun with hair net. Students wearing anything considered to be unsafe, or repeatedly failing to meet the required standard of uniform will not be allowed to participate in class.

Performance Opportunities

School Summer Show -  All ballet students old enough to take part in the school show will perform a ballet piece in the school show, alongside all the other dance genres at the school.

End of Term Recitals - In the final week of each term, parents are encouraged to come into the studio to watch their child’s full ballet class. 

Biennial Ballet Shows -  Every two years, the Dance Reality Ballet Company performs a ballet show in December. Previous performances have included The Nutcracker and Narnia. This year (2015) brings ‘The Magic Toyshop’.

ISTD Ballet Awards - Students who perform particularly well in their examinations may be invited by their teacher to compete in the ISTD Ballet Awards. The competition, which is open to those who have recently taken Grade One or Two, takes place in October (Juniors) or March (Seniors)

Festivals - Dance festivals are competitions where students can enter in a range of different genres as solo, duets, or larger groups. We regularly enter classical ballet into Festival competitions.

Other genres

We particularly recommend that students following classical training in ballet also study Modern dance. Contemporary dance also as this compliments the study of ballet. Furthermore, at Dance Reality we are very fortunate in the broad range of dance styles available and we would encourage you to try as many as you like. Versatility is invaluable in a dancer.


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