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Competition Teams
Dance Reality has numerous competitive teams for those students who have dedication and show promising technique and performace skills .

Elite teams - Dance Reality has 3 elite teams in numerous age groups and these are for students who show potential in the technical genres. These teams train in addition to their core classes and compete at festivals and events in a number of genres including ballet, tap, modern, jazz and lyrical. The teams have won numerous medals as well as our dancers being very sucessful in their solo and duo sections. Annual auditions are held for the teams.

Street crews - Dance Reality currently has 3 street dance crews who are made up of students who train weekly at Dance Reality Studios. The crews regularly compete at competitions and perform at demonstrations across the South of England. As well as being really successful crews with some becoming national winners the individual members also have had fantastic results in the solo and duo sections of competitions. Annual auditions are held for the crews.

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