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How to Join Us
How to Join

Next Agency Auditions 5th July 2019

Who can join the Talent Agency?
Children who are members and non members of Dance Reality Studios can apply to audition. Our books are open twice a year where children can apply and attend a workshop audition. Any child aged between six and 18 years may apply to join the agency.

What happens during the Audition days?
All our auditions, registrations & renewals are held in a friendly, relaxed and positive environment. They are designed to assess the abilities and characters of each individual. Children are encouraged to perform solo pieces in Drama, Singing or Dance. From these sessions we are then able to best match members to suitable castings.

Do you charge to join?
If your child is successful in obtaining a place on our books there is a £50 annual administration charge. All successful students will need to be registered on Spotlight, to give them the best opportunity to secure professional work. Annual membership of Spotlight is currently approx £9 per month.
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